Main Steps of Malta Company Formation 

Malta is well-maintained jurisdiction to form a holding company to enjoy European income from taxes. The entire process of registering your business is easy and takes hardly two days to complete the process. Many entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses to benefit from Malta company formation.

Malta bureaucracy is likely to move gradually, especially if you try to do it but miss a critical aspect. Therefore, it makes sense to work with an experienced advisor who can help you go through the overall process of Malta company formation It might be necessary to identify if having self-employed status can help your business. If you choose to do so, there wouldn’t be any requirement for having annual audits or naming two shareholders. A private or limited liability company can separate your assets from business and reduces your lawsuits or debits. 

When it comes to forming a Maltese company, make sure you have the necessary documents drafted, including the Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association. Individuals choosing self-employed status can skip this step. Your documents should be ready for submission to the Government of Malta. The Registry of Companies at the Maltese Business Registry will collect your Memorandum of Incorporation and the Articles of Association. 

If you are willing to start a limited liability company in Malta, deposit at least 20 percent of the initial capital of €1,164, 69 in a Maltese bank. For this, you will have to open a corporate bank account in Malta to form a company. Subsequently, you will submit your registration by presenting your company formation document, a receipt for the initial share capital deposit, and your company registration form. You will also need to pay the fee according to the size of your company. There is a reduced registration fee if you file for your company enrollment electronically.