Several Considerations Regarding The Arrangement Of The Logo Mat

There are many different applications for floor mats, and Logo Mats are a fantastic option for all of these uses. Not only do they make floors safer, as mats do, but they also look fantastic and can be incorporated into a strategy for advertising or branding. This is a significant advantage over traditional floor mats.

At Ultimate Mats, we stock a wide variety of logo mats, including Waterhog Logo Mats, Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats, and, amongst others. What follows is the information that you absolutely must have.

  1. Washing.

Make sure you check the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding washing. The vast majority of mats can be washed clean with a hose, but certain models, can also be washed in a machine. After that, you simply lay them out on a flat surface so that they can dry.

  1. Design.

We are able to recreate the design of your choice; however, in the case of a real logo, keeping things as straightforward as possible is ideal. Maintain a straightforward approach, whether you’re using words or pictures, so that the information can be quickly absorbed. Designs that are intricate often have the potential to be visually interesting, but they also have the potential to be difficult to read. In this situation, the difference between winning and losing is razor thin.

  1. Orientation.

You will be required to make a decision as to whether you want your design to be displayed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. This may be determined by the design of the mat itself, or it may be determined by the location in which you intend to place the mat. You do not want the customer to have to turn their head by ninety degrees in order to read your message if they are standing in the queue with their backs to you.

  1. White Space Is Also Known As Blank Space.

Be sure to leave some room for white space in the design so that it doesn’t appear to be overly crowded. This provides a break for your vision and makes the meaning of the message significantly simpler to understand.

  1. Contrast.

Make sure there is a sufficient amount of contrast between the design or lettering and the background so that the message can be easily read. If the contrast isn’t high enough, then a sizeable portion of the population won’t be able to understand what’s being communicated, which means that your efforts will have been in vain. Those who have trouble seeing clearly benefit from environments with high contrast.

  1. Setup.

In the majority of instances, there is no charge for the setup of your design, and you will get to see proof before you commit to making the purchase.

The fact that many people are unaware of the existence of logo mats is the only reason why they aren’t using them, despite the fact that the mats have an attractive appearance. Consider purchasing a mat with your company’s logo on it rather than purchasing a mat with a solid color as a means of displaying your message or brand to the general public.