Aspects to Choose the Best Packaging and printing for your Product

Do you want to improve the food packaging or any other of a product or are you looking for a new packaging for a brand and you don’t know which is the most appropriate? If so, in today’s article we are going to give you the basic guidelines so that you learn to choose the best container and get customers to opt for your product.

Before starting, it is essential to mention that the food packaging and any other product packing must comply with the functional requirements, that is, that the product to be consumed is protected from external elements, that the packaging has good ergonomics and that it offers appropriate content with correct information.

It is important that these basic principles are fulfilled, otherwise we run the risk of attracting attention with a good design but failing in the most basic: That the client decides not to consume again because their expectations have not been met. Next, we are going to analyze aspects to take into account when choosing the container:

Size and Volume

Depending on the product to be packaged, it is essential to select a specific size with a suitable shape, that is easy to handle and that, above all, fulfills its packaging function. Another significant aspect will be to analyze the products of our direct competition and study the way in which they are presented to the market and the best one EnpiGroup will give you the best size and volume packing.

The Material and its Quality

Once the material has been chosen, the container must pass various sanitary and quality controls such as resistance to differences in pressure, vacuum, internal pressure and external pressure. Below are the 4 most used materials in the packaging and packaging sector:

  • Plastic: It has a multitude of advantages since with it, we can choose different forms of packaging, it is very resistant to shocks and tears, comfortable to use, economical and easy to transport. Also, plastics are thermal and electrical insulators, so the current is not conducted through them.
  • Paper or cardboard: it is the most ecological material of all since it is 100% recyclable. Currently the demand for this element has grown tremendously as users are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the planet and the environment.
  • Aluminum: As with plastic and paper, it can be recycled and reused. It is a rigid, light and waterproof material with fantastic properties that protect products from light, moisture, oxygen and microorganisms. Although it has some drawbacks: Such as deformation or deterioration of the container if it receives any blow, it has a high cost and consumers cannot see the product inside.
  • Glass: ideal for maintaining the temperature of the product. Widely used for liquids and for those products that require an elegant and distinctive packaging. It is also 100% recyclable although you have to be careful because if it receives a blow, it breaks easily, so it is important to make sure that you use an appropriate container that cushions fall and is resistant to possible shocks during transport.

Conservation and Safety

Preserve and protect the properties and characteristics of the product and avoid any alteration. It is essential that the container is clean and that it does not leave strange odors or flavors to food packaging products.


That the company takes into account the concept “bio-friendly” that is to say, that it respects the environment and that the chosen packaging can be recycled, reused and is the least polluting possible to protect our ozone layer. There is also an urgent need to curb the continued abuse of waste and reduce the waste of raw materials.


Before launching the product to the market, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive analysis of costs regarding its manufacture, labeling, distribution and marketing.

Well, you have already seen that packaging is one of the most important active values ​​since it serves to protect the product during transport, helps you stand out from the competition with good design and also reflects the values ​​of your company.

In food packaging “EnpiGroup” advise you from the most suitable material for your product (whether food or not), the type of printing you need and even how your packaging process develops.