Business card trends for 2021 in Ottawa

2020 is now history, and business is just as usual. History taught us something new. To make the business succeed, you need to continually change and evolve your company. When presenting your blossoming brand to a potential new client, business card designs deliver personality, confidence, and professionalism.

So, if you’re someone who is using old-style business card printing since the beginning, it may be time for a fresh look to be accepted. To bring your marketing and your brand to the next level of success, Print Factory is the best printing in Ottawa that uses its expertise to ensure customer satisfaction on every level of printing.

Here are the most noteworthy 2021 business card trends in Ottawa.

Dark Backgrounds with Shiny Color Gradients:

As business card printing has become more technologically advanced, printing companies seek new ways to stand out from the crowd with their cards and demonstrate their professionalism and style. You can now get as many colors as you can think up on your business card instead of a color design of one, two, three, or even four. Shiny color gradients against dark backgrounds are one style people are looking forward to seeing more of. In recent years, the metallic look has become popular, but the addition of the color gradient, which can change with the light as well, is a total show-stopper.

BIG text for a BIG Impression:

Another major trend for business cards this year comes in the form of designs putting broad front-and-center text. The text is the design in these designs. Not to be confused with watermark logos, these contain text spread across the entire card, leaving little room for white space and wishing a strong “thanks, but no” for any possible imagery. The enduring impact is one that gets straight to the point of text-heavy simplicity.

Coordinating colorways:

What exactly does “Color Ways Coordination” mean? Alternately-colored variants of the same business card are meant. So, say the color scheme for your brand is mint green, off-white, and charcoal grey. You may get company cards made up of similar text, but some are green with off-white text and charcoal accents, some are charcoal with off-white text and green accents. Choose your colors clearly and try various variations.

The Reinvention Of QR Codes:

While QR codes have been around for quite some time, this year, a broad market has been introduced or re-introduced to them, and the trend is likely to continue. You’ll find that many of them ask you to use a menu QR code if you’ve been to a restaurant in the past few months so that you don’t have to touch a physical menu.

A QR code on a business card can add an interactive aspect, particularly at trade shows and other events, leading your potential clients, for instance, to a demo of your product. They’re going to feel more comfortable trying it out, and you’re going to walk away knowing that that person now knows readily available once they’ve left your booth to look over again.

Embossed Business Cards:

It can be a perfect way to show off a recent accolade, add a wow factor, and build stand-out branding with embossed business cards. Gold embossing and metallic finishes give business cards a new dimension and produce a distinctive look and feel. Embossing may also be used for marking the company’s special anniversary. It draws attention to particular areas of your card that you would like to call out, so considering this option, be precise and targeted.

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