Can You Use CBD for Treating Drug Addiction?

Looking at various benefits of CBD, many researchers wonder whether it can also be used for treating drug addiction. Since substance use also results in stress and anxiety, for which CBD is found to be quite effective.

What is CBD?

For many years people have been debating about medical application of marijuana and other cannabinoids. Though researchers have been able to find the potential benefits of CBD by making trials with animals, however various long- and short-term side-effects of CBD is yet to be established with human trials.

We are still not aware how much CBD can help in drug dependency. Various trials however have shown that CBD may help in reducing seizures in people who are suffering from epilepsy. Presently researchers are trying to focus their investigation about CBD’s role in controlling cravings, which is associated with drug abuse.

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Research done about CBD on addiction 

Few recent research studies indicate that CBD is able to reduce significantly cravings for drugs like heroin and also anxieties caused by drug injections. It was tried on both rats as well as humans. However, the research also indicates that certain minor side effects can also be associated with CBD use.

Various studies on CBD have also risen whether CBD can reduce the withdrawal symptoms caused by opioid. There is a hope that by using both CBD and THC in tandem one can get pain relief from opioid addiction.

Whether CBD oil is legal?

So far as legal aspects of cannabis are concerned, the law varies from state to state of this country. Medical marijuana is still considered as illegal on number of states. In following 3 states the CBD oil use is still considered illegal.

  • Idaho
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota

Rest all the states have legalized CBD oil, which also includes states like Washington DC and Puerto Rico. As the hype about CBD has increased tremendously in the USA and hence people often wonder whether they can legally buy CBD products online.

Also, FDA has still not recognized CBD as a medicine and therefore any doctor cannot prescribe their patients for any CBD product.

Whether CBD oil is safe to use?   

CBD market is still not very regulated but there are plenty of manufacturers’ have started manufacturing various CBD products that may have similar nomenclature but not necessarily have same level of effectiveness.

Therefore, most buyers are often advised to obtain a third party lab test results with every product, which can let you know the exact ingredients of the product. Being an unregulated industry, while shopping for such products one needs to exercise great amount of caution.

Opioid addiction treatment with CBD oil

Since substituting CBD along with prescription opioid has worked for few, but not with everyone, while under lab setting it has displayed that it can reduce craving.

Therefore, you must always consult a doctor before you add CBD along with your medication.