Effects of Using Plastic Bags – What Are the Dangers of Using These Hazardous Things

Disposable plastic bags that are offered in the grocery stores and supermarkets are the best way of carrying your products home. However, more usage and disposal of such bags results in severe damage to the surroundings today.

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Pollution from the Plastic Bags

There are many problems with the random disposal of plastic bags here and there. Some are listed below.

  1. Impact on Human Life

Plastic bags constitute about 90 to 95% of the overall quantity of litter that is disposed of today. When these bags are not taken care of in a systematic way, then there are higher chances of them getting mixed with the drainage system. The excess accumulation of such non-biodegradable products in the drainage system will result in causing the blockage in the pipelines.

Plastic bags are not recycling friendly. Even though you may find the symbol stating that the bags can be recycled, the companies that undertake the recycling work will just dispose of such products in their trash, which will then end up in the landfills.

  1. Impact on the Environment

The plastic bags and other such litters that are dumped in the trashcan will be guided towards the sewer system, which will be then joined to the tunnels that carry the waste products towards the ocean bodies. More and more accumulation of such non-biodegradable products in the ocean bodies has resulted in causing a severe threat to aquatic life.

The random consumption of plastic products by many aquatic species has resulted in the death of hundreds of aquatic lives today. Many species have reached the brink of extinction because of the problem of plastic trash in the ocean bodies.

  1. Impact on Animal and BirdLife

The surrounding areas of the ocean bodies pose a severe threat to the life of the Aves Kingdom today. Non-biodegradable plastic products will gradually combine with the nearby food sources for birds, and in-turn enters the body of the young birds, through their mother.

The constant accumulation of pieces of plastic products in the food sources of animals has also resulted in causing a severe threat to animal life today.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags and their Decomposition Process

Biodegradable plastic bags will be coated with an enzyme, which acts as the catalyst during the process of decomposition. The exposure to the outer environment for a longer time duration makes these enzymes to accumulate the microbes that are present in the surrounding area.

The microbes that are present around the environment will be accumulated onto the enzyme, and they will then work on consuming the catalyst. This in-turn starts the decomposition process of the biodegradable plastics.

The best way of saving the environment is by using reusable and biodegradable products such as bags that are made from plant sources such as cotton, nylon, jute, etc.