Five reasons to hire remote workers

With advances in digital collaboration and unified communication tools, employees no longer need to sit in a physical office space for a set number of hours a day. Here are five great reasons why you should consider employing remote workers.

It’s a money saver

We’re not talking about paying remote employees less money here, but about the numerous savings you could make in other aspects of your business. There will be no travel or relocation expenses, and if there’s a heavy snowfall, remote workers don’t have to try and get to the office. As they’re not actually in your office, they don’t need a desk or any other office equipment. Furthermore, if you implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, you don’t need to supply any IT equipment; you just need to make sure employees’ devices meet your security requirements.

Lower carbon footprint

Remote working is also a big win for the environment: fewer emissions from commuting, plus a reduced consumption in heating, air conditioning and office supplies, are all both money and planet savers.

Greater productivity

Think remote workers aren’t productive and just surf the internet all day? Think again. Studies show these employees are actually more productive if their employer policies are geared towards remote working. They can work uninterrupted for the hours that suit them – for example, if they’re early risers or want to align with colleagues in different time zones.

Location not a factor

When you advertise a job, you usually attract candidates who live, or are willing to move to, a reasonable commuting distance from your offices. With remote workers that restriction is removed, meaning you can widen your candidate pool to include the best candidates regardless of location or any other potentially limiting factors – (for example, people with physical disabilities who might not be able to travel to or access your office). Implementing tools like VoIP systems with wholesale AZ termination ensures communication costs are minimal – check out resources like for more information.

Happy employees

No commuting, the freedom to work from wherever they want, and all the digital tools for collaborating with colleagues… the result is happier workers who take fewer sick days and are more likely to stick around. This is a massive advantage for both employees and employers, so why not embrace the concept?