MBA and what you should know about it

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be a great career booster. You can find out for whom it can be suitable and what you need to know about study in MBA here.

MBA – All information at a glance

For whom MBA can be suitable
A Master of Business Administration degree program primarily stimulates the interest of those workers who have already started their careers and want to take them to the next level. During an MBA study leadership and management skills are imparted, as well as technical knowledge and intercultural competencies. In addition, an MBA degree can also promote personal development. Important learning experiences are gathered in particular in the area of ​​team building and the accomplishment of leadership tasks.
An MBA degree is therefore intended for employees:

  • who aspire to a leadership position in the company
  • who want to gain their knowledge and skills in all important areas of the company
  • who want to build a network
  • who aspire to an extra-occupational program with medium or high work experience

When choosing an MBA program, it is not enough to clarify whether you want to complete a general management degree or in a specialization program. You also have to make a decision regarding the respective study variant, which is mostly dependent on work and private life. In addition to the classical full-time study, business schools offer the most diverse part-time programs and also the so-called online studies or distance learning programs.

Information about MBA programs

There are many opportunities to learn about MBA programs. At the beginning is usually a search on the Internet. Websites help to get an overview of which programs are available.
Even events where you can find out about the different programs can be very helpful.
In addition to getting to know the programs and the opportunity to hold one-on-one interviews with heads of admissions departments to answer concrete questions, workshops and preparations for the GMAT test are also offered there, as well as scholarship opportunities. It’s worth a visit!

Special MBA programs

Part-time study
A part-time study has no serious impact on the existing career and his degree leaves more than a good impression on the employer – he is also a powerful argument in future salary negotiations! It is best for professionals who want to continue their job. Classes usually take place in the evenings or on weekends. Many business schools offer programs in both full-time and part-time modes. In some cases, however, the part-time programs have fewer courses than their full-time counterparts, and they only provide basic general knowledge without the possibility of specialization. Others are working on the same topics as full-time programs.

Online Learning (Distance Learning)
This study version requires good internet access and a certain affinity to the online media and virtual communication channels. You can get affordable online MBA degree from James Cook University. The study is characterized by the following features and contents:

  • case studies
  • Online debates
  • projects
  • Mandatory stays on campus
  • Online learning platforms
  • Videoconferencing (live lessons)
  • Blended Learning (online and classroom teaching)
  • Classic e-learning

In this way it is possible to be fully in the professional life and still be able to participate in the learning process. In addition, online study is, in most cases, the cheaper alternative to a full-time MBA program. An online MBA is also very well suited for employees who want to stay in their company and pursue the goal of moving to a higher or management position due to their high level of flexibility.
No matter which course of study you finally decide on: with an MBA you prove (the employer and yourself) not only motivation and willingness for technical and personal development but also expand your social and professional network and increase your own value on the job market by successfully completing your degree.