Should You Choose Physical or Digital Record Storage Systems?

Even the smallest companies require a detailed record of all their transactions, deals, and the rest of the paperwork. The medium companies have from 250 employees and up. That means a ton of paperwork.

Large companies that have over 1000 employees find it almost impossible to keep everything inside the offices. They need a separate room, or rooms, to hold and make sense of the record whenever it is needed. See more about record storage systems here.

Because of this reason, a lot of managers and CEOs decide to make this problem easier to control. Some of them decide to go with an outsourcing option and let someone else professionally handle the problem. Others are more prone to transferring all data into digital information and store it on giant computers who do regular backups.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the two options and which one is better for you. Read on if you want to know more about these options!

Physical record storage outsourcing

Instead of holding on to tons of materials and hire an entire army of people to take care of them, it’s much smarter to hire an outsourcing company that will take care of these documents.

An outsourcing company has big objects holding this information, documents, clusters, and everything else in one place. They will have everything sorted perfectly and will know how to fast find what you need when you need it.

Another reason, which is maybe the most important, is that these outsourcing storage companies offer perfect security for this matter. Natural disasters, robberies, frauds, and similar problems are not going to pose a threat to the original company as the outsourcers are paying extra attention to these issues. It is their main job, so it’s normal to pay more attention to this.

Digital record storage systems

Turning everything into digital record storage is a smart way to handle this issue. However, this is not always possible because some documents are needed in paper and won’t do any good if they are in the form of a computer file.

Another thing is that some documents are too sensitive to be placed on computers connected to the internet because everyone will be able to breach them. Stilling this kind of information will be disastrous.

On the other hand, the entire building of information will be lowered to a single hard drive where this information will be stored. Some companies also work as outsourcing firms in which halls of computers and servers hold vital information for different companies. It is easily accessible, everyone can find what is needed with ease, and it’s less expensive too.

Sometimes firms need a shredder to destroy some sensitive data. If this data is placed on a computer, the information might never be lost as hackers have ways to restore it without anyone know about it. This is lots of CEOs and managers decide to keep everything in its physical form and not transform any data into a digital file easily reachable by any competent hacker.

What is a better option?

There are no better options, there’s only your personal preference that you need to think about. As you can see, both options have their pros and cons and the final solution should be made by the person who’s running the business or is directly responsible for the documents.

The outsourcing companies always have great insurance policies in case something does go wrong. Still, this shouldn’t even be an option because losing important documents over time can cause some deeply serious problems that no one can compensate for. See how losing vital info happens here:


As you can see, taking care of the docs of the company is always an important issue that managers must pay proper attention to. Keeping everything inside the object where the main offices are is not the smartest thing to do. Of course, unless we’re talking about a small company that has only a few employees and not too many deals throughout the year.

With this in mind, and the information provided above, it’s clear that you’re going to make the perfect decision. Whatever this decision is, be sure that everything’s better than not doing anything at all.