Understanding Facilities Management

An integrated facilities management aims to ensure that its clients receive the finest management for their facilities. This service goes in a long way to reduce the amount of redundancy and management-related wastage that often comes as an outcome of poor management. Several categories are involved in facilities management such as estate management, engineering management, and office support management.

Let’s look at what each of these carries here:

  1. Estate Management

With a wide plethora of services, estate management focuses on the general oversight of reality, such as environ, equipment or physical premises. Sometimes, it also includes certain support services.

Estate management deals with several major activities including repairs and maintenance, overseeing utility services, equipment maintenance, inspections & quality checks, tenant & service provider associations, and so on.

  1. Engineering Management

Machine-driven equipment and its maintenance are important in any real estate property. Since this element needs to be managed in an efficient and professional way, facilities management provides specific engineering management solutions for specific needs of a facility or residential property.

Engineering management focuses on several areas of concentration, such as operating and maintaining mechanical equipment, taking care of quality assurance, assessing possible risks, planning and implementing safety and health procedures, and so on.

  1. Office Support Management

Most facilities are packed with offices running for various purposes. These include front office management, concierge services, warehouse administration, courier & mail services, and transport office management. All these office duties need qualified personnel to look after these office duties in a professional way. This is where the role of facilities management comes into play.

All the aforementioned services are time-consuming and need the effort to organize and maintain regularly. With three major branches of services, facilities management can enhance the overall value of any facility.