How to deal with sewage overflow?

Flood water or waste water both are contaminated, risky for health and for the structure of house. If you experience waste water flooding in your house, must not delay to make a call for cleanup service. It is important that you call professional help and try not doing it yourself as sewage overflow not only look but smell unpleasant and there are many risks factors involve, relating your health and safety.

Sewage overflow is a very unpleasant situation, result of damaged septic tank or blockage in drain pipes, overflow from sewage system or flood water containing waste material. You should contact local water business or other related institution if sewage is leaking outside your property.

Where there is water present, there is risk of electrocution or electric shock or explosion. Sewage water is more serious issue because it is contaminated with bacteria, pollutants and pathogens can cause illness including hepatitis, Tetanus and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Handling sewage flooding is highly dangerous and need professionals equipped with the proper tools and resources to cleanup eliminate and disinfect the affected area properly.

You must vacate the flooded area and shut off the electric and gas supply to prevent accidents. Do not light a match stick or open lights before they are checked by technicians. Open the doors and windows to ventilate the home. Remove dry and uncontaminated objects and clothes from area.

Notify your insurance company and cleaning up contractors to arrive for the cleaning and restoration procedures. If you wait any longer the water may weaken the structure of building, damage the wooden structure which includes doors, windows, floors and cabinets, remain moisture may smell and cause fungal and mold growth.

The professionals at sewage pros, have training to handle such situations in safe and practical manner and they will not miss or leave anything untreated. They can provide services to commercial, industrial and residential property any size. They have expertise and skills to get the job done right on first time. A cleanup contractor may seem costly to you but their trained technicians use proper cleaning agents, disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorants, following all guidelines and safety precautions. They use advanced methods to remove water and then drying it completely to prevent further damage and mold formation.

Removing sewage properly and then using safe chemicals and cleaning solution to decontaminate your property to your satisfaction is our job. After cleaning, we work on removing unpleasant odor, using sanitizers.  We make sure that our technicians follow all local codes and ordinance. Our restoration service pros of Boston, Massachusetts is fully reliable, licensed, insured and bonded. We not only provide sewage cleanup service but also quick response after flooded basements, storm damage and broken pipes or faulty plumbing.

When your property experiences any type of water damage, you need professional help to repair and restore and get back to normal life. Such water and sewage emergencies can happen any time of day or night, so we are prepared and available on a call 24 hours a day.