Printing techniques for hang tags

Hang tags are essential marketing tools that are very important for manufacturers. From clothes, sporting equipment, toys, and vehicles to electronics or anything else you can put on a shelf, store, or showroom use hang tags. These hang tags can be used to build a rapport with customers and develop a brand. These printed marketing materials tend to be right on the product we use them for promoting.

Hang tags have a particular spot in the advertising arsenal, and they are often seen from a near distance. Custom hang tags provide all of the advantages of business cards. The way one prints custom hang tags for their brand will significantly impact how well they’re received by customers and how much money they make. Doing this correctly will give a positive message. Still, you will see an immediate decrease in revenue if you do it improperly.

Here are few tips for printing custom hang tags for full sales potential:

1.    Pick the best material:

Custom hangtags should be able to withstand a lot of use because the last thing any businessman wants is for wear and tear to give off a haphazard, sloppy impression. It is good to select a 16-point gloss cover stock, which is durable enough to endure questioning hands. Additionally, it adds a glossy sheen to their style.

2.    Color options:

It is best to prefer custom hang tags printed in full color. These full-color hang tags get more coverage than those printed in black and white. Additionally, the innovative, cutting-edge printing technology allows you to go full color on both the front and back at a low rate.

3.    Size also matters:

The bigger the hang tags are, the more likely they are to be seen. The manufacturer also saves money on the cost per square inch, allowing them to buy more ad space with less money. To maximize their return on investment, printing oversized hang tags is the perfect solution.

4.    Concentrate on proper finishing touch:

Some hang tags need perforations for coupons and gift cards, while others need scoring for simple folding. Sellers take note of these in their hang tag design styles example. Scoring and perforations add a professional touch and help them improve their sales pitch.

5.    Order in volume:

Before printing the whole run, you can still order a hardcopy proof so you can check your hang tags in person. Ensure the template style, hole/scoring/perforation placement, paint mistakes, and text typos are all in order. The last thing a businessman wants is for a single error to render a print job useless. Since the cost of press setup is spread over multiple hang tags when you buy in bulk, the price per hang tag is significantly reduced.

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